Agency Onboarding.

Welcome To The Team.

Simply fill the form below to onboard your agency to the team.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Same Day Payments.

There are no hidden fees, all deductions will be detailed on the payslip for the contractor to see. The remaining funds will be paid to the contractor on the same day!

Payment Notifications.

We let contractors know when they’ve been paid and when we create a new invoice so they are always in the loop.

Professional Passport.

We our proud to be Professional Passport and PayePass approved provider to ensure compliance for our contractors. App.

See all payroll deductions clearly in the App, available whenever needed.  They can also reach out to a member of the team via LiveChat!

Real-Time View Of Payroll.

With our Mobile App, contractors will have on-demand access to their payroll, in real-time, no matter where they are. 

Unbeatable Service.

Phone, email or LiveChat via the app, our friendly and dedicated team are here whenever contractors need support with their payroll

Compliance Focused.

Professional Passport Approved Provider. is proud to be a Professional Passport accredited umbrella who is dedicated to providing a compliant payroll solution for Contractors. We understand the importance of having a payroll provider that you can trust. Compliance is at the center of everything we do, giving agencies and contractors the confidence and transparency that is, at times, lacking in our industry.

PayePass Verified Provider.

The PayePass Verify Award focuses on all the different processes involved in paying contractors via payroll. When an umbrella company displays a PayePass Verified Provider badge, it’s a guarantee that our internal team of lawyers, accountants and payroll experts have verified that it has correctly calculated every salary and paid HMRC exactly what is due.